A Small Business Checklist for Shareable Content

Getting more online traffic can be a challenge for small businesses, but optimizing shareable content extends your reach. Save time and money by encouraging your supporters to redistribute the content you already produce.

A Small Business Checklist for Shareable Content

Value of Shareable Content:

When someone else shares your content your SEO improves, and you get more visitors and potential sales. Plus, people are more likely to engage with something they receive from an individual they know compared to a mass communication from most brands.

Sharing Content Online:

While you can’t guarantee that your readers will share something, you can increase your chances by being strategic. A New York Times study provides some important clues. More than 90% of participants said the information must be useful, and 84% said they share to support causes they care about.

Here are some more specific factors to put on your checklist:

  1. Stir up emotions: People are more likely to take action when the content appeals to their emotions. Positive feelings tend to work better than negative ones, but any powerful feeling can be effective.
  2. Make it easy to read quickly: Break content into bite size chunks. It should be easy to read at a glance.
  3. Add visuals: Pictures, videos, and infographics get shared much more often than plain text. Visuals are a top priority if you want your audience to promote your content.
  4. Polish your headlines: Use online tools and your own testing to develop strong headlines. Numbered lists and intriguing teasers often succeed, as well as offering something of value.
  5. Check your calendar: Timing matters too. Keep track of the latest reports on the best days and times to post material for the audience you’re trying to reach.
  6. Offer convenience: Make it easy to share your content. Include social media buttons for the platforms that work best for your brand.

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