A website audit is a tool which deciphers the level of search visibility related to your website. In today’s culture, most small and medium sized businesses are only as strong as their online presence. Therefore, if you are not pouring your best efforts into keeping your website in optimal shape, then you are losing clients and losing money. Our free website audit provides an easy to follow report that will detail the parts of your website that are good and highlight the areas that need to be changed.

Why Do I Need a Website Audit?

There are constant developments that have to be tracked as it relates to SEO. If you are unaware of those developments and the changes that must take place within your website, then your business pays the price for your lack of knowledge and initiative. An audit provides a quick and easy tool that will discover the areas in which your website is strong and the areas in which it needs to be updated and reformatted to stay in the top search engine rankings. The auditing process will uncover areas in which you are potentially losing customers and suggest solutions to resolve any SEO issues.