Employee Gifts

The most valuable asset in any business is its employees. It makes sense to invest in your team. Whether your workforce totals just one or two or is made up of hundreds, employee gifts are a great way to boost morale, increase productivity and show appreciation. Statistics show that finding ways to say “thank you” beyond salary pays off for the business owner. And, the value inherent to the gesture itself is most often of greater value than the actual dollar amount gifted.

Gift Cards Offer Logistical Ease

Employee gifting can be done in several ways. Physical gifts are great, but many business owners appreciate the flexibility found in gift cards. And, employees like the fact that gift cards can be used at their convenience. You might find that a monthly gift card to somewhere like Starbucks or Amazon becomes a routine way to show appreciation. These rewards can even be set up to deploy automatically, requiring little effort on the part of the employer beyond the initial institution. Alternatively, you might employ team member gifting as a way to show thanks for work done above-and-beyond normal role responsibilities. Larger organizations can use pools of gift cards at the manager level to enable mid-level supervisors to conduct their own targeted team reward programs.

Physical cards can be purchased ahead of time in bulk and handed out in person. What’s more, many retailers, like Amazon and Starbucks, have the structure in place to seamlessly, electronically award employee gift card rewards via email. Set-up is simple and can be tied to any personal or corporate credit card. Many allow the sender to customize a message with the electronic gift card, providing for personalized communication.

How Can You Reward Your Team Members?

Programs can be structured in many ways. You might find certain types work better given employee tenure, work structure and/or other demographics. Ideas include:

  • Monthly top producer rewards
  • Project completion recognition
  • Quarterly or monthly “just because” gifts
  • Birthday gifts
  • Work anniversary gifts
  • Milestone celebrations

Local Businesses Are Often A Great Option

Maybe you want to support local businesses in your area as part of your employee gift program. Reach out to discover the options available from your local florist, coffee shop, restaurant or carwash. You might even find a reciprocal partnership makes sense if your own line of work is conducive to gift cards or other rewards programs.

Are you looking for ways to support your team members in addition to salary? Would you like to say “thank you” creatively beyond payroll? Employee gift cards are a great way to reward your team members, recognize effort and bolster morale!